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Disney+ Hotstar is a streaming platform owned and operated by the Disney for Indian market.

It was initially launched in 2015 as Hotstar by Star India, but it got rebranded to Disney+Hotstar after gaining the full control of the service from Disney.

Considering the fact that it has over 50 million paid subscribers currently, this is India’s largest premium streaming platform.

Features of Disney+ Hotstar

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Content Library

Disney+ Hotstar has a lot to offer in terms of content ranging from movies, television shows and even the live sports all the way through top quality kids entertainment.

It has a rich content from the sprawling Disney archive with popular Marvel and Star Wars movies as well as the classic animated ones. 

The bulk of the titles on the US Disney+ catalog are mostly present here. Hotstar offers a large library of recent Hindi hits and also old movies starting from the 50s/60s for the fans of Bollywood.

In the TV show space, Disney+ Hotstar provides episodes of popular US shows in a day after their US telecast. 

These include the Star Wars spin-offs such as The Mandalorian, Marvel shows like WandaVision and also Loki along with acclaimed dramas including the Game of Thrones. 

In addition, there is also a fairly large repository of Indian TV serials such as soap operas, reality shows and news in the varied languages.

Regarding live sports, the service covers almost all big cricket competitions such as IPL ,ICC tournaments and also bilateral series involving India. 

It also broadcasts the live EPL and La Liga football leagues, Grand Slam tennis tournaments as well as significant athletic meets. 

Most recently, the platform has seen its appeal in live sports been expanded by NFL.

Streaming Quality and Devices Supported

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Disney+ Hotstar provides content at 3 quality options namely HD, Full HD and also 4K HDR for streaming. 

However, the 4K catalogue includes only a few dozen of favorite movies and shows. 

The bitrate ranges from 3-4 Mbps for HD and comes around to roughly about 10 Mpbs as long as there is a fast internet connection. 

This guarantees a continuous high-quality stream even with the moderate bandwidths that are prevalent in India.

It is available on the web or can also be streamed through applications deployed across iOS, Android, Apple TV and Amazon Fire platforms. 

Users may register up to five devices per account; however, the streaming is restricted to two streams at any point. 

On top of that, the offline downloads were only recently added which enables the users to watch 5 titles at a time without being online. 

This provides a significant benefit for the travelers and also those with fluctuating internet access.

Pricing and Plans

In India, for the Disney+ Hotstar users there are two main plans – VIP and also Premium. 

The VIP plan that utilizes the ads is also very cheap and costs only ₹399 for the full year. 

It includes everything from the movies and television catalog except the live sports and also the newest American series.

The Premium plan is priced at ₹1499 per annum provides live sports coverage, English language entertainment content along with the support for 4K HDR streaming and also unlimited downloads. 

Both of these plans permit 2 concurrent streams per the login. 

There is also a slightly expensive monthly plan at ₹299 per month for Premium and ₹50 rupees per month for VIP.

All in all, the plans offered by Disney+ Hotstar are clear enough to meet with the needs of Indian consumers with different budget levels and also content preferences.

User Experience

The navigation using Disney+ Hotstar is most of the times effortless with separate categories for movies, TV shows; sports as well as kid content clearly demarcated. 

One can select the language or basic genres to view the movie/show listings. 

Discoverability is also facilitated as the search works really well and personalized recommendations are prominently displayed. 

For cricket lovers, there is a special Cricket section that provides a direct access to live games, tournament highlights previews and analysis behind-the scenes videos.

Video streaming quality and reliability are great in all plans, but the advertisments occur more often and for a longer time on the cheaper VIP plan. 

Content playback on the downloaded content is also very smooth and continuous. 

Nevertheless, the library’s structure is not perfect; additional filters may be able to be added as well as personalized features. 

App navigation and performance seem to be more fluidic in comparison with the user interface of a website. 

Indian languages on the interface would also certainly be welcomed.

Should You Subscribe?

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Here is a quick summary of the pros and cons of signing up for Disney+ Hotstar:


  • Impressionable Bollywood and Hollywood film collection
  • Live sports, especially cricket coverage
  • Indian channels soon grab the latest American TV shows.
  • Flexible plans which comprise of ad-supported pricing
  • Quality streaming; you can download and also play offline


  • Lost some of the recently released Hollywood movies.
  • Confusing content catalog; Limited personalization
  • Low pricing levels; The absence of several user accounts are the reason for my decision to choose this product.
  • Limited Indian language interface support

With Disney+ Hotstar, it is the ideal offer for cricket fans who are also the lovers of international entertainment at a great price. 

A subscription even makes alot of sense from a purely Hollywood/Bollywood movies point of view. 

The absence of pricing tiers for different user profiles and the inability to share an account among the family members is a weakness.

Moreover, the absence of support for Indian dialects on an interface is very cumbersome. 

However, as a whole Disney+ Hotstar has an impressive offering of movies and TV shows content along with the sports which are yet to be seen in any competitive video streaming services available presently at India.

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