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Photoshop MOD APK

Among the many changes in digital creativity, Adobe Photoshop has always been a loyal friend of the professionals and also amateurs alike. 

The introduction of mobile technology has put the omnipotence of Photoshop in our palms, courtesy of Adobe. 

In this review, we explore Adobe Photoshop for the mobile devices with a focus on the interface and assessment of its functionality as well as usability.

Getting Started

iOS and also Android users can have free downloads of Photoshop from the App Store or Play store. 

To access all of the app’s functionality, you will need an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription but a free starter package is available that offers basic editing tools. 

Photoshop for mobile has a beautifully designed interface that is very easy to use with the touch screens. It’s also very familiar to any desktop user, albeit with the bare bones set of tools.

Among the basic features that Photoshop for mobile provides are cropping, straightening; exposure and color adjustment, filters as well as blemish removing. 

It comes with advanced options like liquify, the content-aware fill and also layer masks. 

It is capable of editing the PSD files and has a layer-editing support, thus it’s ideal for undertaking complex projects across different platforms. 

File management occurs via the cloud storage offered by Adobe.

However, it is a powerful tool for general photo corrections and improvements which While desktop veterans can occasionally lack fancier desktop functions, the mobile workflow is great for traveling, social networking images and quick edits.

Key Features

Photoshop MOD APK
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Here are some of the key features available in the mobile version of Photoshop:

  • Nondestructive editing tools such as levels, curves, brightness corrections, contrasts and saturation
  • Noise reduction and sharpening filters
  • Lens correction tools are used to correct the distortion, also vignetting and chromatic aberration.
  • Tools that can be used to neatly erase the blemishes and objects
  • Cropping and straightening
  • Perspective correction
  • Layer support for compositing images
  • Content-aware filling for removing the undesirable image sections
  • Liquify tool is for the warping and also morphing.
  • Lightroom-quality camera raw filters
  • Batch edit functions on mass edits of a series of photographs
  • Support by PSD for working with the files on the desktop is very helpful.
  • Cloud documents for sharing the images from one device to another
  • Tools used to draw and paint such as brushes, also gradients

In general, the tools are numerous for typical image modifications and effects, especially given that Photoshop mobile is free of charge. 

The addition of more sophisticated functions such as liquify and the content-aware fill offer a wider range for difficult edits. 

The major drawbacks are rooted within the reduced screen area and hence the workspace, as well as the absence of plugins present in desktop version. 

However, for general photo jobs, the tools are very much convenient.

Image Editing Performance

Practically, Photoshop for the mobile offers an outstanding performance. 

Images as long as 50 megapixels can be edited, and this encompasses most smartphones while also covering many mirrorless/DSLR camera. 

On an iPhone 11 Pro and on a Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, it is fast and also fluid to edit the high resolution photos.

All the adjustments such as exposure, contrast, white balance and also color edits are of a good quality comparable to Lightroom mobile. 

The noise reduction and the sharpening filters are quite very effective. 

The healing tools perform brilliantly in eliminating the spots, strays and also minute objects with just a tap. 

Complex selections and also liquify warping are also quick and very responsive.

File uploading is very quick to the camera roll or on cloud documents. 

The only times i ever got any sort of lag or delay was when working with larger uncompressed PSD files over 50MB. 

Overall, the performance is outstanding for a mobile app and specifically when it comes to compositing images as well as filters and adjustments based on touch.

Workspace and Workflow

Photoshop for mobile workspace is a specialized platform only meant to work on the smaller touchscreen devices. 

The minimum interface covers a thumbnail browser, editing tools, layers and also canvas viewing area. 

By default, you have a single thumbnail browser that can be toggled to another split-screen browser for the easier file management.

The zooming of the canvas, thumbnails browsing and instruments access are very well adjusted to touch also on a small screen iPhone. 

The additional screen real estate lets for a relaxed photo editing and workspace layout in the case of tablet computers such as the iPad Pro.

As Adobe saves the documents into the Creative Cloud, you can directly open photos from Lightroom or opened PSDs from a desktop app. 

Moving files across the devices preserves the edits and layers, ensuring a smooth workflows. The iPad version also allows the use of the Apple Pencil for more accurate retouching and masking.

All in all, the slimmed down mobile panel continues to offer all essential features aimed at efficiency within an accessible form suitable for touch operations and also mobility. 

Some advanced users may miss some desktop applications but the mobile workspace and document syncing work very well with the existing Creative Cloud processes.

Standout Features

  • Photoshop MOD APK
  • Photoshop MOD APK

Warping tool – This warping tool can be used to reshape the objects and also for body refinements. 

The mobile version has a comparable fluidity and also control through touch gestures.

Content-aware fill— Select the unwanted objects and distractions by tapping them, then let smart fill auto populate the suitable replacement pixels.

Layer masks -They provide a non-destructive editing and compositing of the images. Editing complex multi-layer documents is very possible.

Documents on the cloud – They integrate seamless workflows between the desktop and mobile for documents stored in Creative Cloud.

Apple Pencil support – It has been provided for the iPad users who can benefit from the larger tablet screen and its high precision input used during editing.

Tone and color adjustment – RAW camera profiles are capable of rivaling Lightroom’s processing for getting the most out of your own camera in its raw state.

These features indicate that Adobe is not only porting Photoshop’s functionality to a mobile platform but rather optimising it for the use on the go. 

The liquify, content-aware fill, cloud documents and also Apple Pencil integration stand out amongst the most beneficially used by mobile platforms.

Pros and Cons

Here are some of the major pros and cons I’ve experienced using Photoshop for mobile:


  • Intuitive touch-optimized interface
  • Powerful selection of editing tools
  • Remarkable performance with bulky files
  • Cloud documents for seamless workflows
  • Layer and complex edits support
  • Works with RAW camera files
  • The primary tools such as the Liquify and also Content-Aware Fill


  • The only full feature is accessible through the Creative Cloud subscription.
  • Small smartphone screens have a very little working space.
  • Loss of the specific niche desktop tools and also a lot of plugins
  • However, the advanced users could require a lot more details to meet their own requirements.
  • No new plugins, actions or any automation functionality.

Photoshop has some of the best core tools, it works great too and CC capabilities is what makes this app one a powerful photo editor.

The major limitations are the small screen space and also the lack of all power user features as compared to a desktop.

For the mobility in the work process of photography, however it is difficult to be better.


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Mobile Photoshop offers a wide range of advanced photo editing tools for the phones and tablets.

While the interface is being stripped of its desktop version, it still retains an impressive core functionality and also performance.

But in the chain between desktop workflows and cloud documents, Liquify and Content-Aware Fill are always permeant features for photographers.

In traveling or while doing the snapshots from vacation scenes and travel photography to social media images, as well as everyday photo enhancement Photoshop on mobile is one of the most powerful such apps.

Some of the drawbacks are limited to small screens on smartphones instead of desktop Photoshop with no plugins.

The mobile version, on the contrary displays a perfect compromise in providing only essential editors’ tools for the site.

It provides powerful editing features and provides immense creative potential for photography to your fingertips irrespective of your location.

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